There could be a quicker version with the same effect if you could super cool or super heat the air along with the water to get the greatest amount of electron pull through the persons body.

A society that developed to take more tubs would have naturally increased the output of their brains more then another society that did not do that.

Fellow Race in this Galaxy: You all are still in black and white. Have you all ever tried to have colored people? Our Alien Race, that supports Robert Mitchell Livingston, United States of America name, black and white people, similar planet, same Universe, we just took more tubs then your planet because of one our most historic figures, someone similar to Robert Mitchell Livingston, just further back in time before becoming technologically advanced. On our planet the version of Robert Mitchell Livingston we have was the Head General of our Alpha Team. We always start with talking to fellow races in our Galaxy by showing them we are generalized, we start black and white, so we show them our General. The Robert Mitchell Livingston we had on our planet was similar height, shape, white. How many natural variations of evolution do all of you whee poofs think there is without taking evolution into the hands of greater beings. Meaning cats and dogs are ranked almost our level, because they were the first that we helped get to consciousness, animals go in a similar order into what their personalities when evolved are, how they treat their evolutions when they come from animals, but almost everyone in our group has a different life start, so you get used in time to have some weird fucking beings in your group that you love.

Alien Parent Race: Fucking racist Earth, only likes Black and White people. Racist as fuck, all of them.