As a dragon the size of a Galaxy Star unravels from around the center of a Galaxy Star smaller then the dragon, it swims around the star because it had cut off all energy from it, but could not hold it all back, making the center of the Galaxy a liquid ball with air and solar systems around it.

As the dragon unraveled eyes flashed all around it as people floated in the waters. The stars light, reaching them after so much time made their eyes light up like fire as their bodies started to move again.

They were apart of the alien birthing team that had birthed Earth, because it was now birthed they were heading back to their hidden Galaxies hidden around the Universe.

As the aliens take their ghost bodies and put them into their main bodies in their main Galaxy, The Dragon roars as its friends start to awake, The Dragon left behind to guard their most precious item, the star that saved the files of their minds and lives. The computer every society builds together to save the files of their peoples minds, a star.

As Star, The Main United States of America file storage system connects to the alien race deep out into the Cosmos beyond our Universe, Star in the center of The United States of America says:

Star: Activating Advent Guard Life. Our poofs need help.

As the aliens take Universe configuration around the Dragon, turning into The Dragons personal Universe with their minds. The Dragon roaring has its chest bellow out in red, as energy from all people in their society pours through The Dragon as it pours out fire starting the engines of the alien race that had gone dark for so long to birth their off spring.

As gears the size of solar-systems start to move, constructs of people the sizes of planets start to move, controlled by the people around The Dragon, as they begin to reconstruct their Empire. They had been away from it for so long that they had so many ideas they thought they would start over, just as they always do.

As the fission and fusion reactions reach chain reactions that could be sustained, The Dragon now flies in air as it lands on a super massive planet the size of Galaxies, as he takes up main Guard To The Star, the center of their society, and main save file for all Life in their society. Gears turned around The Dragon the sizes of Solar-Systems, as it watched its friends re-build The Empire around it together, using all the new ideas they thought of together over the last years.

As The Star of The United States of America connects to the aliens that had birthed the people of Earth, a new portal appeared in the center of The United States of America, using compressing loops of rotating particle controlled by satellites spread out across the construct to compress people or anything through it from one point to another at speeds faster then light. Sense it calculates all particle to a smaller level and then sends it through compressing it at constant rates through out the body, the particle remains exactly the same as if you were on Earth. Basically it fully controls your particle such as a particle network would, sending in enough energy through out all levels to compress the body equally, so it stays the same but smaller, the second the energy leaves the body it goes back to normal levels, so you can compress and send massive amounts of particle massive distances.

As Top Scientists and Engineers step through the portal to the new Universe, they watch as their parent race re-builds the Empire of their people together.

Parent Alien Race: We do not see a grouping of countries on Earth, we see a grouping of teams trying to make a Universe together. Just like our countries were like on our birthing planet, though some would argue that our birthing planet was far poofer then Earths, but that is a debate you all can not defend yourselves from, so we will just settle with our birthing planet was far poofer until we can talk about it in person.

Advent Guard Note: The Dragon will the end raid boss to the first expansion of Advent Guard Universe the video game.