As FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, The Armed Forces start to take sides, an upper level FBI agent watches Robert Mitchell Livingston and his mother in Costco, none of the people Robert Mitchell Livingston point out are registered government agents. But as the FBI notices odd thing after odd thing, that does not point back to Robert Mitchell Livingston, they start to notice odd things about individuals showing up in the Spokane area over the last several years. The FBI refer to them as government ghosts, so the government can get away with crimes or things that registered agents cannot. While this is done still in modern times, if the FBI finds out they will still pursue the government agents, if caught they are sent to classified prisons, and most of the trials are classified.

As FBI wolves circle Robert Mitchell Livingston, reading his mind completely, they notice odd things that no brain should do, tracing them back to people around him using short range neural attacks. The FBI completely ghosted with the latest technology would not show up on their sensors.

As upper level FBI agents split off to follow the government ghosts, to figure out what team they are apart of what their technology level is, the FBI makes a presence in the area, noticing numerous people split off from going to Robert Mitchell Livingstons location on satellites within seconds of the mention.

FBI: Weird, I did not know The United States of America played with its citizens, making them crazy or making them do something until they died. Well then this wont get us anywhere know will it?

The FBI director says holding up a warrant for access all minds around Robert Mitchell Livingston for a national security crisis, regardless of government position.

FBI: Well then this warrant shouldn’t bother any of the local government people now should it.

As 4 FBI agents move in on a ghosts home, cocking pistols as they move in, using short range neural technology on United States of America citizens in anyway was considered a violent felony, with sentences starting at 10 years in prison.

As the FBI agents move in, busting down his door, the man screams his apart of the government, pointing to a drawer with a government badge in it.

As they cuff him, he screams about his badge, but the FBI says:

FBI: We know, get up.

As they push him out the door, they say out loud just thinking:

FBI: You know while having an important government position, the fine goes up like road work fines, a public citizen fails that is a normal traffic fine, a government person responsible for our citizens fails that fines 2, sometimes 3 times.

He says, putting him in the back of their SUVS.

FBI: Next government ghost we know about.

He says to the other agents, as their teams move around Spokane, having picked up enough chatter to locate enough of them to move in. They were waiting for the president switch, about time for The Advent Guard Life case.

FBI: These young government agents realize they are laughing at violent felonies worthy of 10 year prison sentences. Because they keep laughing at it like its a joke. The problem are the ones that continue. Yeah, its funny.

He says cocking his weapon as they move in on another incredibly dangerous trained government agent that thinks they cannot be touched because their government position.

As a shot rings out, the FBI agent walks out with blood on his face saying:

FBI: She actually fucking told me its a privilege to have her in one of our peoples minds because our people are so stupid she can always do better then them at their lives.