Galaxy Government: Have to free your slaves once, shame on you, have to free your slaves twice because they covered up the definition of slavery to control their people better, then that government might not exist in this Galaxy, because this Galaxy does not own slaves, does not treat its citizens as toys or slaves because they think working for the government means they are above their citizens as if gods. All these government people think the Galaxy government is to stupid to define what life is, meaning they think we are to stupid to realize that people go their entire lives without every living, while others live more in a day then they will in a life, and that for a government that is devoted to life, is vile and disgusting, making those government employees worst then criminals, because treating your own citizens as slaves or toys steps those people from criminals to war criminals.
Galaxy Government, we are all connected, the truth is what you have to deal with at death. Because of this truth, Robert Mitchell Livingston would be re-awakened with the alpha team of The United States of America Armed Forces at death to do research, and the science he wishes. There are several writing planets he would be teamed up with for The United States of America Life Agency, where Robert Mitchell Livingston would write realities for The United States of America as a job.

Pentagon: The FBI can write whatever they want on their case reports, and then refer back to it as truth, but The Pentagon can also refer back to its case reports on Robert Mitchell Livingston, and refer back to them as truth because their agents far out rank the FBI in skill, The Pentagons doctors easily and far out weight the expertise of the doctors the FBI consult with. And our agents, before have to retreat or reveal all their classified real jobs, really meant to send Robert Mitchell Livingston the Adderall Marijuana route, because it is the correct route for his mind, 100% agreement in the Armed Forces doctors of The United States of America, not low level government doctors that happened to get on the case and have opinions. Just because the FBI forces their way in like rapists to investigate people with mental issues, and then writes on their reports that it was the slaves fault, like they did with Robert Mitchell Livingstons case, does not mean our Pentagon agents just suddenly forget their case into those FBI agents, and their treatment of Robert Mitchell Livingston. We are up to over 10,000 United States of America government agents going to jail at the start of this case now.

As police working with and protected by The Pentagon hug and shake hands, saying things like:

Police: I have at least 10 people that I threw away into jail and other places that I think I can help. With the amount of funding we will get with these people in jail, we should be able to get all these people with messed up lives living again.

Pentagon: What case is this again? Just asking so you all will respond so we can go with what all of you say and pretend that’s what we actually agree with. HAHA, TIT FOR TAT IS SO MUCH FUN.