As the 5 Head Generals of The United States of America walk outside our solar systems layers, so magnetically powerful their magnets allowed them to walk on magnetic layers.

Head General of The United States of America: Are you other head generals seeing what the FBI, Homeland Security, and Department of defense have done and did do to our people?

Head General of The United States of America: Do they think upper level classified cant see past the stuff they classify to hide things? Do they think that wont ever come out, that our government will do that forever?

He says as upper level Armed Forces United States of America spies watch FBI and Homeland Security agents.

As the Armed Forces knocks on the FBIs figurative doors, they say: Do all of these government agents think the spies of the United States of America Armed Forces, designed to fight against Russian and other super power country spies, and these low level government agents are pointing at pieces of paper from colleges, when they have been taking down upper level particle ghost spies from other countries for decades, do all of these government people think the Armed Forces are stupid?

As the wolves of The United States of America Armed Forces rain down upon Earth, they make sure to let all others know, they are on the side of The United States of Americas people, not wealthy elite with bigger voices.

Armed Forces: Notice the tactical retreat ahead of Trump of all Washington DC major forces, so we ended up with mostly tourists wondering around the capitol instead of hundreds of Riot Teams beating people. Pentagon predicted what would happen, letting Trump fail, while almost guarantying no deaths because we prepared ahead of them.

As The Five Sided Building raises its hands to accept the applause, having prevented almost all deaths and still allowing Trump to fail instead of preventing that fail before hand, got a thunder applause across The United States of Americas government.

The Five Sided Building: No, thank you, please, its all of you, not me.

The Five Sided Building says blowing out kisses as it applauds along.

Pentagon: Now let us see how the other agencies drop the ball after this point.

Upper Level current NAVY Seal under direct orders from 4 star generals in The Pentagon during the riot: And over here you will see this important thing inside the capitol.

While in their head they out calculate all law enforcement with their teams in the Pentagon.

NAVY Seal: Most of these people are just goofing off and having fun. Turned a potential horrible day in history into extreme tourism day.

As the NAVY seals and ARMY rangers that had led the tourism teams sigh, all of them saying:

NAVY Seals and ARMY Rangers leading tourism teams: Damn it, we thought we could hold it for at least an hour longer.

They say as they are kicked out, all of them upper level spies having fun with their citizens.

Pentagon: What do all these government people think our spies were doing? The highest ranking government agents on duty on time were doing?