As The Head General of The United States of America learns through his Universe satellites that a planets life has been wiped out, he flies in through the particle streams around the Universe installed by The United States of Americas Armed Forces through their satellites, creating a solid network over the Universe. More networks overlapping would be required to move The Universe, so for now it was a road system.

As a scientist goes rogue, extinguishing life on a planet, as Advent Guard opens up a screen with them on their new planet, under going natural evolution through the United States of America resurrection system, this planet was under their protection.

As he walks into his liquid calculator, having it set at a Universe machine,

As his particle intertwines, he steps outside his calculator, plummeting to the planet, with a screen open with all life ressurected and safe on a United States of America orchard planet. As the scientist builds structures over the planet, The Head General of the United States of America send out streams of ships of all sizes from his personal Universe through out the planet.

With life evolving enough to talk to The Head General, he learns that they want their planet back, so he moves on the main city, an entire planet ship that had been deconstructed and turns into a city on a planet.

Two massive planetary titans stood in front of the main door as The Head General ran forward, hopping and floating along the ground.

As he planets mines all around them with his micro fleets, he jumps up finally drawing their attention and attacking with his main particle blade, his shield sending out fluxing force boxes of energy that ripped particle apart, hitting them both in the faces as it sent them into the mines. As they exploded, he aimed his shield and main blade at them, sending enough energy to trigger nuclear fusion and fission, as they went nuclear, nothing was left but ash as The Head General of The United States of America entered the city.

As Advent Guard Life and his Micro Fleets swarm into the city, a planet that had latched onto the planet to absorb its life, killing off all life instantly on impact, then taken all the biological mass rolling in the magnetic fields to fertilize new lands that grew within a decade across the planet.

As The Head Generals Calculator came burning down threw the atmosphere, coming into a sweeping motion into the next Guards guarding the center of the city.

As his shields smash through the cities main defenses he locks up with his Calculator moon.

As he moved into the center of the city the Two Planetary Titans moved to attack, but Advent Guard Life used his calculator to calculate energy, calculating so much energy through his calculator he controlled gravity in the area, as he reversed it, smashing the Titans down, his fleets build mines into the ground.

As the Titans resisted, each of their planets and gas giants littered with corpses from their rulers leadership, Advent Guard Life stopped, turning back around as he began shooting at the Titans.

Advent Guard Life: Down.

He said as the titans smashed down hitting the bombs, exploding up the Air Force Fleets had mined the air, as they exploded sending the titans back down.

In his calculator he started to calculate max yield of his main cannon as he aimed at both of them, calculating with his calculator team, Cortona in his chest, and Sam in the Dynamo Star car, both of them Ais designed to fly spaceships and to calculate, Ais were some of The Head General of The United States of Americas greatest people when it came to calculating anything.

As his main cannon fired, initiating full run away fusion and fission in the Titans making them explode, as Advent Guard Life Mega Calculator evolution moved towards the center of the city.

As Advent Guard moves into the center of the city, he shrinks his calculator to the size of a miniature moon that rotates around his head. The being in the center was gigantic, the size of Earth sitting on a planet only 10 times the size of Earth.

Big Ass Being: Well hello little being. what brings you here to give me your life force today?

He says trying to pull in the matter of Advent Guard Life, but his matter would not budge.

As Advent Guard Life moves forward, a screen open with the planet ressurected with life from this planet he stood on that was destroyed by this big ass being sucking up all the life.

As he aims his main cannon at the monsters legs, it thinking it could not be hurt, Advent Guard Life charges his cannon to full, his calculator moon rotating around it to give it energy, as he fires, the calculator jumps in, getting rail gunned out at the monsters legs.

As the calculator hits its detonates the legs, calculating as many fission and fusion possibilities as possible with its hits, transforming its body and injecting energy in different places.

Using the force, The Calculator rockets back and perfectly circles back to orbit around Advent Guard Lifes head.

As the monster yells, he screams:

Big Ass Monster: You cant do this! In this Universe we don’t just kill people!

Advent Guard Life: I agree, but the juries spoken.

He says aiming his sword, sending lances of light into the monster to pin it the planet so it could not fly away, as it transformed into smaller shapes, its legs particle useless in its particle networks that kept the monster alive and together.

As the monster shreeks, it goes insane saying:

Big Ass Monster: Everythings fine, everythings fine. I can just suck up more power.

It says, sucking power from the planet, but Advent Guard Life jumps up floating in air as he main rotates around the planet taking full control, as the monster cannot suck up anymore energy.

Big Ass Monster: Noooo.

It says shrinking, as Advent Guard Life lines up another Calculator cannon ball shot, giving it enough time to speak.

Big Ass Monster: But there was no life here. What did I do.

As Advent Guard Life aims his main cannon at the monster he says:

Advent Guard Life: Just because you did not see any life here, does not mean I still do not hear their cries.

He says looking at a screen full of life on a planet in The United States of America Universe Planet Orchard that the planet had moved too once their planet had been taken and all life killed.

Advent Guard Life: Some people just do not forget….. And for a reason.

He says, as his main cannon rips threw the monster, completely destroying its particle so it could not mass breed a piece and find his way back to whole.