Will we all go super poof in time to save Earth? Find out next time on Advent Guard Life. How will we win with our poofs only at level 1, a story as old as time itself about poofs.

In China, the breeding grounds for a mutation unseen on Earth brews, as upper level scientists move without revealing that they have a full particle network overlapping China.

So many breeding grounds for disease overlapped, created a blanketing effect in certain areas in China, giving enough energy for Super Covid.

As a Covid Virus in the mutating fields of Chinese food Markets and cities, a Covid virus goes Bang level 2, as it gains enough power to destroy life at levels never before seen on Earth.

As Politicians wine about things that do not matter to help people forget about Covid, the worst point of people going extinct on planet Earth sense the Black Plague is just over the horizon. With doctors unprepared for the new world.

It only takes one covid mutating to have an additional bang on planet Earth and we could see levels of death never seen sense the Black Plague.

Armed Forces of The United States of America: Now let us see if these politicians actually love all our people as much as they.

Pentagon: Current predictions without Pentagon intervention, 2022, over 30% of the population on Earth is dead once Covid gains shield mode, meaning its bangs are no longer open, and it learns to destroy everything it sucks in, so it becomes completely immune to almost every type of cure.

NASA / Pentagon joint venture, as scientists work in a launch room far bigger then NASAS, they talk amongst each other saying:

NASA / Pentagon: Almost ready for Advent Guard Launch. One of our biggest launch projects. We started with sending monkeys to space, then people, now we use launch rooms to help our poofs launch their lives.

NASA / Pentagon: This is NASA and the Pentagon, we have a go for Advent Guard Life launch. If our politicians fail then the Pentagon is forced to step in. But the politicians get a chance, otherwise the government is just secretly in charge of everything, so we had to give them a chance. Now that they have failed, the Pentagon is going forward with plan Advent Guard Life.

China, Russia, UK, Europe: That is a roger on Advent Guard Life launch NASA and The Five Sided Building. Your country is clear for launch on Earth.

Armed Forces of Earth: All these government people think we are just going to let our politicians let our countries and planet die.

As the Pentagon works all through the night to secure The United States of America, politicians bickering can still be heard before the morning chirps turn into squawks around the capitol during the day. Covid 2 would be worst then then the Black Plague, and these government people are concerned about politics as if their jobs are just there for them to have something to do, not because we need a government ran. Politicians and the public sides can goof off, but The Five Sided Building cannot.

Pentagon: 2022, 30% total death of Earths population if politicians continue without correction. Masks are not voodoo magic.

Quote from group of doctors on Robert Mitchell Livingstons side that like to read his stuff that did not realize covid could go super sayain 2, as they all say together: Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.