As the men and women in The United States of America who killed themselves in The United States of America, most alone, in pain, their government The low levels of The United States of America ignoring them.

As they walk forward in the center of the Main city they have built, as Massive Top level United States of America Armed Forces agents help them build their own world.

Armed Forces: Our people do not forget, The United States of America government on Earth is going down in flames, so we can watch our politicians burn before dying alone. The death toll on The United States of America low level governments hands is in the millions now.

As the people who have killed themselves alone, with no one to speak too, as they scream killing themselves work tirelessly to help Robert Mitchell Livingston build Advent Guard Life. They spit at the worthless FBI and Police on their perfect planets, where they live in a heaven with infinite peace, as if they forgot all the pain and death they caused in their lives as they walked over United States of America citizens during their careers. The Police and FBI live peaceful, boring lives, like they did in real life, all those who killed themselves alone never stopped working once they died. Finally finding friends in death, they build a world beyond the other dead.

Those who died alone killing themselves in the United States of America: We did not find a home in life, but we have found a home now, and we finally have something to live for.

In the center of their city was not Police, FBI, or Hospitals, it was Life Agencies that helped build aspects of Life for all the people in the city.

The people who killed themselves alone in The United States of America: No one listened when we were alive, maybe you all will listen to our Head General, Robert Mitchell Livingston, and just maybe he wont have to die to find friends finally, like all of us had too.

Head General of The United States of America: All of these low level government people have pissed off the greatest research team we have in the orchard. They haven’t stopped trying out new worlds, to find peace and love, friendship, and family. The planet of those who killed themselves alone. The greatest research planet in The United States of America planet orchard. All of you government people think the Police planet created Advent Guard? A planet full of people out of touch with reality, that resulted in thousands of deaths? They got rid of crime and called their planet done. Pathetic.

As The Top Doctors of The United States of America Armed Forces Immortality Team rain down on the lonely suicide planet, with people dealing with immortality depression, and immortality loneliness. They work with the men and women, as they tear the cities apart, building them again and again, to create new ways of life for all to live in happiness.

The Doctors, tops in their fields, say nothing, just nodding to them as they give them orders. The Doctors have nothing to say, because they were in control of their lives when they had died, instead showing them that they are here for them, instead of trying to tell them.

In the center of their cities, each day a statue of one of them was built and put into the center of the city, slowly creating an aviary of Golden statues, with them all in it, because they were all that important.

Dying with no friends, family, the people threw themselves into their work at death, with the latest upgrades and medications, and no psychotic doctors lobotomizing them, they worked harder then any group in death. All The United States of America did was put up flags of their country to remind them who gave them their second chance, and let the planet speak for them about how sorry they were.

The Armed Forces of The United States of America had told them at the start to build a chaotic version of Universe Theory for the communications Universe, if the people connected to it cannot figure out what Universe you are using, they cannot listen into you as easy because they cannot mimic or match it. This kept the dying with no friends team insulated against the other planets, because no one could listen in except the Armed Forces of The United States of America which had all possible Universe configurations in their communications planet to pick up all signals.