As The Leader of The United States of America Free Builders floats outside a massive star he looks around at the planets as he says to fellow Builders:

Leader of The United States of America Free Builders: Think we can make it home ladies and gentlemen?

He says looking at the beginning of The United States of America Heavens, as their fleets start to arrive, most of them upper level Armed Forces of The United States of America.

NASA did not know that big stars already had Universe configurations of planets and gas giants, formed into bangs. Our star was so small it only made a single loop.

The leader, having reached immortality, had left behind so many dead in his time, that The True Leaders Of The United States of America reached for the stars. The Leaders of The United States of America were the most powerful people on Earth, having reached immortality in single cities centuries ago, and they were appalled with how The United States of America government currently in control treated their own citizens in the greatest country on Earth.

As The Most Powerful person of Earth remembers the start of The United States of America heavens, he sends out scientists to the other countries to help them bloom, as the lower levels bicker like fucking children with upper level government positions.

The United States of America Head Free Builder: The other countries will not be left behind, my men and women are on the move, and they have never lost.

He has as Upper Level United States of America spies reveal themselves to the Upper Levels of the other countries, as they let in the upper levels that actually care about their people into a plan, as the lower levels bicker like children holding their citizens lives in their hands like toys.

As massive Chinese wolves from their Armed Forces move out across their country to take down Rich who have gone to far with technology, not understanding it.

German Head Spies sharpen massive wooden spikes as they listen to a resurgence of NAZIS in Germany, nodding with what they say, directly next to them.

German Spies: Mmmhmmm Yeah tell me more about the NAZIS are coming back. O yeah they totally will do that. Uhuh.

The German Spies say sharping massive wood spikes to put their heads on.

The Free Builders of The United States of America back Robert Mitchell Livingston as President of The United States of America.

The Free Builders of The United States of America: We still do not know what happened with the older souls, though we know they are somewhere. The Adventure continues for us, we just need to get there. Look around all of you, and say together this cannot possibly be everything, this cannot be all of life.

They had built a planet full of Robert Mitchell Livingstons writings, making it the most powerful planet in the orchard of The United States of America because they had all read his book. In death you can listen into anything to help calculate. The Armed Forces had a sense of humor, they thought, as suicide planet in The United States of America Universe Orchard soared to new levels of power never seen before in The Orchard, as the other people made heavens like kings and queens.

Suicide Planet: Full Calculate ahead.

They said as their intercity personal calculator tubes transported them from different full city calculators to others, constantly thinking of new technologies and variants, and testing them out. Their cities lined with new ways of Life, that they tested out, trying to figure out what made all of them happy.

Head General of The United States of America: Our Heavens our littered with lost and forgotten souls, it is time you all found yourselves. Calculators up, now choose a name, who are you more then just a given name from someone who did know you yet? What do you stand for in this Universe? Now calculate who you are into everything, otherwise you are nothing but what someone else could have done and did do do before you. If your scientists and engineers are nothing, they will only make as much progress as one together.