As The Laughing Man of The United States of America floated his star configuration out of the reactor, he floated he it back into his main body as he said to Germany:

Laughing Man of The United States of America: So you want to play full Armed Forces body.

He said shrugging his shoulders as he walked towards the reactor doors under Washington State, located under Spokane Washington for strategic reasons incase of China, Russia, or Japan attacked.

Laughing Man of The United States of America: I built my empire around a star system so large that it spat at suns are size, taking it over with alpha team. Like the Chinese made our planet tilt differently with their size, The United States of America made the Universe go dimmer as we took over a star so large that once masked for Armed Forces reasons, it went black, even though it still poured out lower level energy in constant shields, giving away no data.

His body had a miniature infrastructure that shipped parts from that place, with a star so big it birthed suns our size, the perfect breeding ground for The Laughing Man of The United States of America to flourish.

As he stepped in fully clothed, his clothing made of material of such high elements that it would survive his entire trip.

As he flew like superman deep in the reactor, working his way down to the lowest reactor, that used gravity from all to push them lower, gaining more torque as they rolled on the floor, the greatest elements were grown here.

As he dove into the 200s, he said as he connected to every persons mind on Earth and taking full control:

The United States of America Head General, code name, The Laughing Man: The United States of America is in the 1000s, when you have so many suns you can layer them, you make more progress in stabilized elements this way, but the technology becomes more magic because the scientists skip ahead so much they do not always understand what they create. Meaning its more of a Super Boost Effect, that still keeps our civilization at the same age of the other super powers in the game.

NASA Scientist: Now watch in the next weeks as the big stars go dark across the skies. The ones hidden, that NASA has not released yet because they were from classified telescopes. Scientists across NASA fall dark, as the stars above their heads do that they thought would stand for so much longer, because their history dated back so long, how did they fall in so short time NASA scientists thought. As their citizens who love these things would never even know or see.