The Head General of Germany, a royal descendent from the Holy Roman Empires classified group, The Best of friends with The Head General of The United States of America, who also has lineage back to The Holy Roman Empire, before moving to The United States of America. His German group had been the group that kept the NAZIS from spilling classified technology across the globe and destroying it, forcing the fighting into the public and allowing the other countries classified teams to take the NAZIS upgraded Universe machine that was floating under Berlin

As he walks forward towards his reactor, taking The Head General of The United States of Americas route, going it with just his upgraded personal body, with no particle changing ability. It could build its particle, but it was so solid it could not shapeshift like weaker bodies could that had not decide on who they where.

The Head General of Germany: The difference between them and me, is that I know who the fuck I am.

He says hitting his chest.

The Head General of Germany: This doesn’t fucking change.

As he walks forward to the reactor door, his scientists leaving the room because their bodies could not handle the heat, as several head generals stood near him.

The Head General of Germany: 150s?

He asked his peers, seeing how far they wanted to push showing their true levels of power, sense all classified groups could monitor and track it on Earth because Earth was so heavily monitored by all countries on it.

As they nodded, trying to not give away any indication of if that was a lot or not, as The Head General of Germany stepped into the reactor, gaining speed as he swam through in his flight path, gaining speed slowly as he built up. He was going for depth, not showing off. India would be at around an 80 in the periodic table fusion fission reactor if you were directly on the hottest part of 80 fusion reactions, but India had their Universe Theorist create a Universe that could constantly pull mass quantities of energy into their Universe to use to calculate and build with. Just like all the other countries have in varying ways, some more and less than others.

The Head General of Germanies body was the apposite, it itself pulled in the energy far faster then the Indian Head General, hers had to have it wash over it at increasing speeds. The Head General of Germanies was designed like The United States of Americas Head General, to suck in mass quantities of energy, all of it information or data of different types. This can also be used to survive in a star, by decreasing heat by sucking in all heat around and using it as energy to power the body. You just increase the bodies energy machines to use as much energy as you are inside and you can float in anything hot by simply sucking in all the energy before you heat. Heat shield body, Head spy body, and Head General Body.

As his personal bangs built into his skin flooded in energy that was burnt instantly to pull in more energy and use it, keeping a heat shield around him as his power soared, now in the 80s, but still far behind India because he could not personally compete with a functional universe the size of a facility such as India had.

But as he started to reach the 120s, his power started to match hers, as he carefully swam deeper into the Fusion reactor, the hottest part is the particle forge, which is the best place for the fusion reactor because it builds particle, and is connected to the fission reactors in the circuit.

Getting to 130s, his body started to slow as he calculated new solutions to pull in that much energy and use it before it destroyed him, as his power reached levels never before seen on Earth.

140s, the numbers started to climb more and more, he was thousands of times as powerful as the Indian General, as he reached 150s, he was in the hundreds of thousands of times stronger as an energy magnet then her, sucking in so much power, that he funneled low level particle energy from everything around Earth and pulling it in, not just the energy in the reactor. This allowed The Head General of Germany to hear all the minds on the planet, and listen into their lives, just like the other head generals could do. Pulling in so much power caused the particles at lower levels to funnel in too, if you had machines that could monitor those lower level particles, then you could increase the speed and energy of which that particle is sucked in, which then creates a gear system of particle funneled in, the outer layer larger and slower, but the inner layer smaller and faster, both of them attached similar to gears speeding each other up. Then stacking more particle layers.