Pentagon note: The Pentagon does not need localized networks separate from the main network unless they are trying to hide something from the Pentagons main neural network, stepping into direct War Level crimes because those agents are directly in an organized manner going against USA citizens on USA soil with advanced technology while hiding it from the Pentagon. These government agents around Robert Mitchell Livingston do not realize how much trouble they are in. They picked up their tries at concealed murder the more I did with Advent Guard, making sure I could not work, influencing me to smoke weed. They were trying to make me go homeless and kill myself but got caught, now these agents are lying and hiding behind their badges about what happened. The agents around me Robert Mitchell Livingston are not apart of Advent Guard, the upper level agents are remaining silent to see how many agents can actually even do their jobs by testing them on The Advent Guard Case. Yesterday they upped the neural connection forcing me to buy marijuana, and these violent psychopaths’ just remain silent and say nice things to keep up a cover. They are murdering my life, and pretending they are not. My posts and pictures are a defense against them, not because of them. They have not stopped with neural attacks, then remaining silent and say nice things out loud while the neural attacks murder me, so police and lower level agents just see me yelling and not the what the psychopaths’ in the government are doing. That is attempted murder of Robert Mitchell Livingston over a dozen times, and they get away with it because the lower levels cannot track neural connections. That’s a crime worthy over 10 years in prison, that organized execution style murder of a United States of America citizen while having government positions. And from what I can tell these government agents have done it before and are used to getting away with it, because I am literally saying what they are doing to me and they are still getting away with it. Meaning these people around me have murdered or gotten people to kill themselves and hidden behind a neural network smiling and laughing while they walk over the corpse and move to another part of the country to do it again on a government case.

Using a neural network on a citizen until they kill themselves with no friends or family, never had a life yet, using their minds and neural connections, while they say nice loving kind things out loud in their bodies, is Ted Bundie level murder. And these government people work in teams, even with their children. That is beyond Ted Bundie level crime. These government agents will use neural connections to provoke citizens to do things so they can kill their lives and the agents will not be connected, then say nice loving kind things out loud to pretend they are good people. That is psychotic, violent, organized crime. And two of them live with me. I will not let these government agents escape after what I know they have done, and then wrote lies on their reports as if citizens aren’t real and government agents are flawless. I repeat, that is Ted Bundie level murder these government agents do for a job. And I will not have that in my country.

It started when Paulinas team attacked, raped, and then starved and tried to push me further into suicide at the holidays, pretending they cared, when it was obvious they wanted me to kill myself, otherwise they would have done literally anything else with their agent. These government agents are so used to out ranking low level government agents in cities and hiding what they are doing, they literally think they own the city because they put so many agents around.

I repeat, using neural technology on a United States of America citizen to make them say things, then remaining silent and saying nice loving things out loud so the government agents without neural technology only hear that and now what they are doing over the neural connection, encouraging the suicide and guaranteed death of a citizen now or later on, while having a government position of any kind, is Ted Bundie level crime.

The other countries need to realize, some of The United States of America agents they talk too are not supported currently by The United States of America, we just have not come to case yet, because when neural technology comes out, which the other countries have to agree upon, because it is a release of technology the public does not have, the other technologies will spill out too, changing the face of the planet forever, which the countries have to agree upon. This means some agents are supported right now by The United States of America, that will automatically go to prison the second neural technology is released.

Now let us see how many government agents stop, and those that continue.

Because these government agents have been playing with Robert Mitchell Livingston so long, and controlling where he lives and goes, he would not be having trouble living right now without those agents, so giving him a place to live is not nice, its covering up that you people were going to literally make him go homeless and hang himself and had to find a place for him to live so those agents do not get in trouble. It is directly those agents faults, they are not being nice, they are covering up their tracks by pretending to be nice, while still doing stuff to Robert Mitchell Livingston with neural technology while remaining silent and saying nice things that the people investigating this record, because the government agents discovered at ball ball bitches house if they just remain silent, Robert Mitchell Livingston will kill himself, destroy his life, or in some way make sure his life can never recover, if they just remain silent. Again, that is Ted Bundie level murder.