As a small Indian women walked into the center of their solar system creation room, because the other countries wanted to play a life game of what country would win in war. Because over the years, the old generals had become friends, and they did not know why all their government children were whining.

Wearing Indian Tattoos, her makes Indian style of solar systems that reached down her body, as the scientists and engineers cleared out, she took off her clothes because none could survive in the level she was going like The Head General of The United States did.

Her breasts had the Star and Earth symbols on them, representing the Universe they live in, because the countries had agreed and realized they owned the solar system we are in. What you do when you take over another solar system is take over a planet, and send out crafts through out it. Our countries did that, its just the public that does realize.

As they opened the reactors doors to the main center, as far as she could go, she called the Indian people, Uniting with their minds. As the reactor energy poured in from fusion reactions in the hundreds on the periodic table, she reached levels of energy never seen before on Earth. As she pushed the energy around with her new found and powered body, she built the room, calculating how to build the body she was in, she made so many improvements her power level started to climb as she reached levels never seen before in hundreds of solar systems around us.

The Head General of India: Well boys and girls, lets jump into the pool, the waters warm, and get this party started. The Life Wars are on.

She said as she began the calculate the Indian people with her new found power, as other scientists and engineers worked on more bodies.

As she worked particle from the reactors she began to make clothes and equipment, as she built a whole knew laboratory, as if another world so far away.

As she worked, building forges as the other scientists worked to catch up, she could not wait, she whispered, as she gained power from the Universe of minds that was the Indian people, as she built them, whispering:

Head Indian General: For the Indian people. We build forward with The United States of America The Indian Head generals whispers to Robert Mitchell Livingston through the neural network, thanks to The Five Sided Building.

Her room had fans to pull the energy out into other parts of the facility, her and now her team taking the first pull of energy from the reactors as if a dam for energy, a less amount of energy pouring through them than The Bear, The Dragon, or The United States of America Head Generals body withstood, but more energy was pouring through faster as so many Universe Dynamo Gear networks fanned the energy as they spun around grabbing it in their electromagnetic fields similar to scoops and pulling it through to dams further down the way that could harvest raw energy from a reactor without an intermedium to transmit the power such as Heart Reactors, which were apart of the main reactor that fed the power flooding into the chamber. That dam harvest power by spinning blades that could withstand that temperature, so they could not go any higher until they created a new metal or resource for the blades to be made out of.