As a man so huge, he would tower over the mountain walks up to his countries reactor, having seen what The United States of America and China can do when they use all they can he knew his scientists could beat it.

The man had Bear tattoos on his hands and was surrounded by gremlins, I mean Russian CIA.

As The Russian Solar System fission fusion reactor started to spin to full power, the massive man stood a mile back in the great room. He started to count, watching the spinning layers inside the reactor, as he started to run with a full upgraded body, quickly reaching several hundred miles an hour he launches himself at the reactor, going full speed in flight as he Transforms into a massive Bear plowing through the reactor.

The Bear tears through layers, missing spinning molten metal holders by seconds measured in a number that would fill this page if written, The Bear makes it into the 70s, before smashing into a molten metal block, molten metal pouring over The Bear as it roared, the molten metal sinking into its skin as he eats the energy, plowing straight through into the 90s.

As The Great Bear starts to slow he starts taking down pillars, fighting his way as far as he can in the reactor, each blow pulls into more energy, as The Bear digs in his claws pulling himself into the 100s, as his levels start to match China, he clas his way past China. As he reaches levels of power never seen on Earth, pillars start smashing into him, as he looses his grip he is spun and thrown out of the reactor.

As The Great Bear flies out of the reactor, he digs his claws into the ground stopping himself instantly as he transforms into a massive man beating his chest as he roars at his troops, all of them cheering their Head General and what their team had accomplished.