As a man with lineage from the classified royalty of Europe takes off his glasses in front of The United Kingdoms reactor, he hands them to another scientist to hold. They were custom made, royal heirloom gear glasses dating back to the start of the steam age in classified. The cogs spun on steam energy slowly, with the glass in the center of the cog.

As the laughing men of Earth step forward from Japan and the UK, they consider themselves brothers to The United States of America, and if world war 3 occurs, Japan and the UK along with Russia will be on The United States of Americas side this time. All three had travelled the Universe together after World War 2, and their teams had become friends.

As the Laughing man, the Head Scientist of Particle physics for the UK, the most powerful scientist, the reverse of The Head Generals upgraded body, specifically designed to create life not destroy it, changes his body into a star, the laughing man configuration. Going full star.