As The Laughing man of Japan enters Japans reactor room with his head engineers and scientists, it is as if you enter a hidden world. The ceiling dates back to 1900th century Japan, painted to look like a mix of day and night across the sky, numerous mini stars hung around the room as cherry blossom trees bloomed around the room.

As Japans Pentagon reports to him what the low level classified groups are doing now, freaking the fuck out because all of this keeps happening as Robert Mitchell Livingston writes, to get back at The United States of America government agents that thought creative writing was a waste and changed Robert Mitchell Livingston to technical communication, when he would have created the calculator room anyways, he just would not have known how to make t-shirts with photoshop. As FBI and US Marshalls literally will not stop trying to mess with Robert Mitchell Livingston, The Head General of Japan shrugs as he laughs at his spies reports of low level classified groups around the Earth, which the other countries kept Japan updated on because helped prevent World War 3, and allowed them to speed up the low level classified groups faster then they realize.

Head General of Japan: Those United States of America agents probably think normal Japanese people are too stupid to understand particle physics too with only a high school physics class in their brain like Robert Mitchell Livingston had when he figured it out. These people need to learn our citizens can do anything they put their minds too.

As the classified emperor of Japan, known as the laughing man of Japan because he too was their top physicist, turned into a star too as he laughed. The stars were known as the laughing men, because of one of the most famous photos ever taken in classified.

The three, full star mode in space laughing together as friends.

Japanese Laughing man: Lets show these countries what power is.

He said as all three connected into a personal solar system, drawing energy from all three countries.

As the Japanese star floated into the reactor easily, he quickly made his way to the 100s in the periodic table in star form, easily passing Russia, China, and The United States of Americas head general in power. Their bodies were designed for reactors, not war like the head generals.

As the three laughing mens power surpasses anything ever seen on Earth, all three easily stay in the reactor in star form, they were made to live in reactors.

As Russia and China send to the three: Cheaters! We were seeing which body would go the farthest in the reactors, not stars!

Japan, UK, USA: Then what level of power can your stars reach?