My first time trying to make a room that matches my personality as an adult. If it weren’t for government agents getting me addicted to things, lobotomizing my brain, and raping and playing with me to control where I live, I would have been so much farther on my designs if I did not spend so much time depressed and not wanting to think because of how my life makes me feel. Happy and on Adderall I would be a fucking scientific working machines, pumping out ides for my country The United States of America. Instead my life is gone, my entire adult life is tortured memories, my entire childhood was horrible, and my life is so fucked up because of these monsters I have no chance of making friends or having a wife I can speak to or that wants to raise children to be smart intellectuals like I have always strived to be before government agents destroyed my chances at ever having a life or becoming who I was going to become. If government agents had not raped, tortured, starved, got me addicted to things, putting me around crazy government agents that influenced me to be who I am and destroyed the beautiful wonderful person I was, never spoke to me because they were investigating so they had alterative motives for conversation, made sure I not only made no friends my adult life, but destroyed my chances because I never learned to speak to people correctly because of those government agents, almost made me and my mother kills ourselves together, tried to get me to kill myself to cover up what the government agents did, isolated me in more government houses with no chance of survival just alive until me life is so fucked up I either die or my life is flatlined in another way even more, not a single person has ever tried to get to know me, I have never had someone to talk to about all the things in my head and when I tried they changed the subject like my family until I stopped making me talk about things I hate for years making me seem like someone I am not, put me in psych wards so everyone doubts my mental competency, destroyed my entire adult life and left me with nothing, and used advanced technology on me because all I did was sit quietly and write until the crazy bitch Paulina’s team so they made me talk in public so useless police would have a reason to throw me away eventually which never happened hopefully because I cannot explain to them what advanced technology is and have them believe me, and pretty much flat out made me give up on my life making me retreat and just work on my book and ideas because they are the last thing that makes me happy while doctors lobotomize me and try to take it away when I ask for the medication that makes me happy and my mind finally capable of completing all my beautiful thoughts. These government agents treat our United States of America citizens like toys and hide behind their government badges, I already have dedicated my life to making sure these people are fixed or removed from our government because of what I have learned in my adult life about what The United States of America does to its own people.

I, Robert Mitchell Livingston, am an Advent Guard Scientist for The United States of America.