As The United States of Americas head general goes to a power never seen on Earth, The Head General in China walks back and forth under Hong Kong, connected to the entire infrastructure of China through underground channels to all powerplants, dams, and power generators he talks to his Generals.

The Head General of China: Show off.

He says walking back and forth as he reads the levels from the Chinese Pentagon.

As the power goes up he goes:

The Head General of China: Oh come on friend, how am I supposed to beat that bar.

As the hours past, The Head General of China has a counter to The United States of Americas Head General. Telling his scientists to shut down the low level governments reactors to use upper level fuel reserves for a hyper burn.

As a small Chinese man takes of his shirt as he stands in front of the entrance into their reactor, the most heavily magnetically fortified place, a hole in the reactor that is only sealed with magnetic energy in the hydrogen layer. His skin is covered in tattoos of Ancient Chinese Legends, each carved into his skin in emerald, ruby, and gem lines, where the gems are actually melted down, and poured into molds in the skin, his upgraded body made them glow.

As he transforms into a golden dragon, long like Shenron, his front arms grab onto the reactor as he goes in, circling around the entire reactor. As his power level grows, he makes his way into the 90s of the periodic table, the greatest level a single person has ever reached on Earth, not counting our countries other planets.

As he passed The Head General of The United States of America, beating his shown max level, the dragons scales open, as energy floods in the dragon reaches such levels he stabalizes his particles as The Dragon of China heads into the 100s.

As The Head General of China reaches levels never seen before on Earth, every classified group on Earth sees it as Robert Mitchell Livingstons writes and not before.

As The Dragon China leaves the reactor, so full of power he flies around the Chamber roaring at his troops with so much power he makes the planet quake in a noticeable way that classified can measure.