Use molten metal such as found in dynamos as the walls of the reactor. ( I will leave this theory as open as possible so the other theorists of other countries can imagine freely in all directions, instead of being lead a certain way with how they do this. ) The metal could be circulated out with my later theories, but currently most teams are stuck in research mode, the scientific teams should have done research on dynamos and figured out how to turn molten metal into magnets, they did not however, and instead wasted Trillions of dollars of our countries money on worthless research so the Armed Forces of the super power countries could update their citizens more, so they purposefully slowed down all the scientists and engineers and gave them something to do to make a point. If those scientists had not been tricked, they would be farther ahead but they would just classify it, and again the citizens of our countries fall farther behind.

Have a nice day everyone in The United States of America government, because our fucking citizens are not having nice days while all of you sit around doing nothing with your government jobs, your children raised to do nothing with important government jobs, and the poor actually have to work, no friends, no enjoyment at work, cant afford vacations or just to live actively in their own cities. The low level scientists of every country working on fusion reactors are overpaid clowns or rich people that needed something to do. You all could have just asked the armed forces nicely, and cared about our citizens, and the armed forces would have helped those scientists and not me Robert Mitchell Livingston more, teaching me how to be a scientist.

The Scientists at CERN do not know what they are doing, ( They did not mean to plan for the future, they meant to and purposefully just wanted to make a particle collider, the upper scientists in Europe gave them something to do to eat up time, otherwise all of those people would eat up other jobs not allowing low level scientists to climb around Europe ) the Armed Forces of Europe are doing exactly what the Armed Forces of The United States of America are doing to their public scientific arms.

To the scientists of every fusion research team on Earth, go fuck yourselves. Because of the government agents raping and toying with me my entire adult life, I remember telling girlfriends I would rather go masterbate anyways, then after that I had completely given up on my life anyways and did not really care who I was with I just want the feeling gone and could care less if its women or my hand. So from the Alpha Team of The United States of America: Go take a vacation with your children for the 50th time off the money of all that worthless research while the Armed Forces update our citizens. From The Armed Forces of Europe: Tit for tat is such a fun game! From the Armed Forces of China and Russia: Why do all these United States of America citizens make fun of our countries for being communist, we try to take care of our people as much as The United States of America and Europe does just in our own way, how do they not see that? Both of our countries are behind Europe and The United States of America, we are trying as hard as we can to catch up, so we can help the other countries as much as possible like Europe and The United States of America do. From The Armed Forces of Earth: Does every United States of America citizen even know what country they are in anymore? Or has people like Donald Trump completely destroyed that? Three Gorges Dam, what the Pentagon is picking up is our low level group, we built them that dam which has a full nuclear facility below it, so they would catch up quickly, more power equals easier ways to make energy. They do exactly what The United States of America does in their dams, suck out all energy into a nuclear fission fusion reactor system below the dam, up the power, skim off all energy that is above what the dam would produce in the public, and both classified and the public get the power they need. Chinas alpha team is fully sustained fission and fusion without a main dam, just as the other super power countries do because they want to eventually bring them to the surface of Earth, so the dam would block that. This was for war, but every country plans to bring them up together when the public can handle it. It is blaringly obvious the rich of our countries are completely out of touch with our citizens, yet they hold most positions of power, how do all of you government agents not see how that is a huge problem for the future of Earth and all life on it?