As The Head General of The United States of America gets into the main United States of America reactor his power flares through the roof as his enter hydrogen fusion energy pouring directly into his body. His body was designed for star research and could survive in the sun.

As FBI agents and the department of defense of The United States of America watches on their monitors, the energy level in Washington state reaches limits never seen on Earth as the Head General heads into the upper level fusions.

As his power soars to the most powerful person Earth, he enters the Americium fusion chamber, reaching limits never seen on Earth. As the Head Generals of China, Russia, and Europe learn if they want World War 3, there will be none, because the countries cant even compete scientifically, let alone win a war against The United States of America.

As his power soars, his mind connects to every person on Earth, reading their minds, as the Head General of The United States of America says:

No public citizen on Earth wants war, it is just rich people completely out of touch from reality, people who own countries as if people are slaves for the rich to own.

As the Head General of The United States of America takes control of peoples minds in other countries, he cuts off puppet god connections from other countries evil government employees, keeping the connection connected to those who understand how to use neural technology in those governments.

Head General of The United States of America: The citizens of Earth are not toys for government employees to have something to play with. And The United States of America will not stop doing what they did in the Middle East, until Earth is completely peacefully. That is a threat to any country who uses their people as toys with advanced technology, including China, Russia, and Europe. The United States of America has had citizens from every country for so long, they care about every country on Earth and their people, not rich people in the governments that want something to do.

Pentagon: Want to know who keeps cutting off neural connections to citizens in every country on Earth? The United States of America protects the people of Earth, its what happens when you have someone from every country on your team. Countries become something, and The United States of America has become the country of the coming of protection, we cannot wait to see what all the countries become in time. Africa is next.

The top teams of The United States of America are into the 200s in the periodic table, stabilized, not theoretical or for a little bit of time existing. There will be no World War 3, The United States of America never stopped after World War 2, just the public did.