As The Head General of The United States of America walks miles below Spokane Washington, it was his team Advent Guard that had named the place Spokane because it was the team that can and back then reactors looked more like spokes of a wheel so they called it SpokesCan, every single upper classified group sees The Head Generals reactor roaring to life…. The reactor was so far ahead of Russia, China, and Europe, because the scientists had not stopped sense world war 2, and we were ahead in world war 2, so we just never let anyone take 1st from us once we got it.

This had kept the other countries going, because any fission fusion reactor can suck in so much particle that you can locate other nuclear fission fusion reactors with it. To classified, the Earth looked as if public on the top ground, then below classified cities lit up so bright every classified group could see them through miles of dirt and fortifications. If World War 3 starts, China, Russia, will rush Washington state because of our reactor below Spokane Washington, it leads ahead the east coast main reactors sense world war 2, when they shifted all scientists away from the east coast incase of classified nuclear explosions, because German classified already had nuclear bombs by the start of world war 2, but did not use them because it would escalate the war to nuclear war before the public even knew what it was.

Spokane’s reactor is protected by three mountain ranges that can be massively re-inforced with mountain fortresses in world war 3. Canadian mountain ranges up north and mountains west and east, leaving only non mountain access from the south. Routing any invading army through Oregon state first, because to take Seattle, the main fortress for Spokane reactor, would be harder then Oregon, then they would have to go straight over the mountains where Gorilla warfare and traps can be set all the way to Spokane.

Spokane’s classified group dates back to the 1600s historically because of this, The holy Roman Empire, and classified remnants from the Turkish Empire and other Empires that did not want war but to just build and do science, which the public hated back then, so they did not talk very often. This kept the classified group protected for several hundred years, when they were at constant classified war in Europe, because the kings and emperors wanted their cities, because the upper hierarchies usually knew about them, starting constant wars for technology in Europe before 1600. This is why they moved, because they had been traveling the world far before exploration ships, because their ship technology was centuries ahead of the kingdoms around Europe. This is how they discovered Spokane Washington, because China was so far behind at the time, there was no threat from them or Russia, so the west of America was completely unmolested and un controlled except for Natives in the forests, which the classified groups ignored and went around, instead of going through them, in case the natives remembered their passing and told tales of it for the next travelers going past to learn.

Some of the most famous pieces of History from Earth are not stored in museums around the planet, but below Spokane Washington. Scrolls from Alexandria and all other great libraries. Treasure from the Roman Empire that classified kept because they were in charge. Ancient relics from the Turkish Empire that their royalty kept as they escaped the fall.

Washington state would be the main point of attack on west coast because of this, and either New York or Washington DC on east coast because of the same reason. New York because the buildings mass steal reserves could be used to Fortify or build anything, while the real leaders of war are not in Washington DC because the Pentagon can function on its Armed Forces network, meaning the Pentagon and White house would be a better fall back point then New York, because New York mass steal reserves that can be gained after the buildings are destroyed or taken. All leaders can fall back to other positions and do everything they would do in Washington DC.