As The Head General of The United States of America drove ARMY satellite car below ground, a fluxing metal dynamo exterior that melted and swam through the dirt and rock, he parked his car directly below Robert Mitchell Livingston when he was 4 years old. Because of Mark Hird, Spokane would have hundreds of less homes now, which was important to the future of our country to have people who built quickly and well, which no other single framer team did.

Because the Head General of The United States of America was in Mark Hirds mind, to make him work harder and fix his mistakes, to improve Spokane’s output, he got attached to the family. After the Pentagon had forced Robert Mitchell Livingston to start picking his ass instead of pooping correctly, which a kid would do because his mother had only taught him how to poop one way, meaning at 4 years old there is no possible way for someone to start picking their ass in this scenario, The Head General of The United States of Americas brother jumped into Robert Mitchell Livingston with his particle ghost.

As the years went by, the Head General got attached to the family, they never travelled, had no fun, or life, and could barely afford to live because their parents did not know how to function in society, yet the family accomplished more then any single family did for Spokane in the entire Spokane area.

As worthless FBI agents started to watch Mark Hird because of tax problems, they continued to fuck with the families life, but bringing down their tax person would mean several famous worthless Baseball players would get in trouble that the FBI liked kept the worthless FBI agents in a stalemate.

This is why FBI agents where ready for Robert Mitchell Livingston when he went to college, every single roommate he has had sense his family days has been worthless over paid clowns of FBI agents because of Marks Tax problems.

They tried to get Robert Mitchell Livingston to leave college year one, year two, year three, year four, year five, and year six. Crazy female FBI agents raping, getting him addicted to things, turning him into someone he is not, and then are done playing with him, send in another agent to have some fun with the toy so another worthless FBI agent can pretend they do something.

Because Robert Mitchell Livingston only talked to his family, Matt, Tim, and Mark made Robert Mitchell Livingston look bad, because all three where deemed dangerous in different ways. All owned guns, and Matt talked jokingly a lot about shooting up schools. Mark had knocked down a biker with his side mirrors, and Tim constantly got plastered and drove everywhere.

This is why the government agents got Robert Mitchell Livingston drunk and addicted to alcohol, even though he hated his family at the point, and specifically did not drink because of them. The government agents year one flat line murdered Robert Mitchell Livingston and had called it a job worthy of a pay check from the United States of America government.

The classified United States of America government will protect Robert Mitchell Livingston and his family from FBI agents because of this fact, they will make them loose their jobs like they did Robert, they will make them go homeless like they tried to do Robert, and agents with mental problems in the FBI that are suicidal will not be protected because the FBI directly tried to influence Robert Mitchell Livingston to kill himself and cover it up to protect their agents.

Have you FBI agents examined the soil under Robert Mitchell Livingston? There is advanced ARMY satellite platform parked under him anywhere he goes, which can override any commands if needed to his mind, but then that shuts up the other group, so its kept on to provide a chance for the lower level government to learn. Use a short range neutrino scanner, and you can see it plane as day. Which is why the more advanced government agents stay away from Robert Mitchell Livingston and only low level ones play with him, because the upper level can see the ARMY Satellite platform below him.