To the countries of Earth that are behind The United States of America technologically,

As a top scientist from The United States of America Advent Guard Team flew over to Robert Mitchell Livingston using a spy particle ghost, using satellite particles that form shapes and make machines or structures while still being to fly through anything unless it is heavily magnetically shielded, he flew through the roof above Robert Mitchell Livingston as he sat down in a ghost chair as he reviewed personally everything that Robert Mitchell Livingston wrote to other countries spy networks that crawl the entire web.

Start with a nuclear fission engine, not fusion. It is easier to take destabilized radioactive material and cause nuclear explosions that while less powerful then fusion, is a key part of the Fusion Fission Alchemy Reactor. Because it does not have to be made for war, you can make an engine just like a combustion engine using nuclear fission bombs. This is done by using particle accelerators to cause a nuclear explosion that is then capture in a spherical piston around the explosion or liquid that can then push rotor stators.

This, or several nuclear fission engines going constantly, would produce more energy then any electrical grid on Earth. Using easily fissionable material such as plutonium or uranium first to start the engine. Then switching in another energy to another less fissionable material. Because you have so many fission engines going, you can cause lesser fissionable material to undergo a nuclear reaction because of a constant flood of energy.

After the fusion engine starts, you pump fuel it into constantly at small amounts to create a sustained nuclear fusion reaction. The Tokamak then opens vents to each nuclear fission reactor, further reducing the energy needed to start a nuclear fission reaction in the fission engine. Basically, using gear stepping of the system, you add more and more upgrades to each engine until you decrease the energy or resource needed to produce nuclear fission and fusion in each. Another example of gear stepping is Europe hooking their particle accelerator straight into a fission engine, or even a circle of nuclear fission reactors around the entire particle accelerator, with a constant fusion reactor going in the center. *

Because you have a sustained fusion reaction you can now inject elements and fuse them together not just for energy, but to create any element you want.

Creating a Nuclear Fission Fusion Alchemy system. Europe takes the public lead of Earth because of their particle accelerator being able to be upgraded, The United States of America takes the classified lead of Earth for being the first to do it outside the public sphere, Europe would have rebelled if The United States of America did not let them do it because they were second in classified so The United States of America could not take so many firsts, which is why we stopped ours in Texas not because of what was said in the public. Fact. Not a debate.

Spokes can, first sustained nuclear fission fusion reactor in the 1920s.
The fusion energy is pumped in the fission reactors, the particle accelerator is sent into the fission reactor, and the fission energy is dumped into the fusion reactor.

The Tree Trunk Alchemy Fusion Fission Tokamak. The inner circles stack fusion energy by creating a blanket effect that condenses heat into the center at the greatest temperature, and therefore the element there is the greatest on the periodic table out of the fusion line, which starts at the beginning of the periodic table. The fusion reactors start at the greatest element that you can get to undergo a fission reaction using heat from the fusion reactor, the particle accelerator bombards the element, and fission pistons condense it at the moment of reaction increasing the energy released. This creates a country sized facility that could not only power a country, but change elements to ones that are more in demand, stabilizing the world market because the countries of Earth will then have complete control of the resource market.

To a better year, The Advent Guard Team of The United States of America.