1650: As the remnants from the Turkish Empire, Roman Empire, and the other top secret top scientists and engineers, all of them sipping elixirs, with wide eyes, most worked until they passed out then woke up and continued on what they loved. Every single one of the top scientists and engineers to reach space first was on hallucinogens.

As the Holy Roman Empire finishes their first cold fusion star using literally a thousand years of ancient research, it was easy for empires to see the smoke at time from the star, and figure out where their underground caves where.

The Free Builders, descendants of the Holy Roman Empire, having build numerous massive structures under Europe to protect classified groups over the last two thousand years. Their Library, which had existed under the most famous libraries of History, held the most history of Earth out of any society on Earth.

As the classified groups with treated across the ocean to the Americas, digging classified fortresses all across North America. The classified group they were trying to escape, the group that became the classified people behind the NAZIS, Stalin, and the rest.

This is why The United States of America won World War 2, they defeated all classified fortifications before the normal army got there to take care of the public parts of the war. Upper level armed forces armies would drop in, or use borrowing machines to drill into classified structures below Europe, taking them before the armies above could move in.

This is why the West Coast of The United States of Americas classified groups rank above the east coast in technologies that change worlds, because they were the groups to first design and develop windows and other software and hardware, because their society dates back to a time when they used metal shields and swords for white boards or black board configurations to think.

The West Coast classified team was the first to main connect to the star in our solar system to power their devices and machines. Sucking in so much energy in their main reactor, that it connected only to the star at the center of our solar system, meaning sense the reactor is enclosed and doesn’t move, all energy is captured because of this main connection, making them the most powerful classified group on planet Earth. If you do not know this, then those people are probably not apart of this group or team.

It is like being the first team to make an atomic bomb, it was a specific team in The United States of America that completed alpha connection to our star first, the raid boss after completing a functional star on Earth. This means the top teams of The United States of America have the best neural connection on the planet, because their main reactor is tied directly into the sun, where most groups tie it into Earth because they do not have enough power to reach the sun. The Armed Forces of The United States of America did not have this problem, expanding nuclear armaments in generators to produce enough power to gain alpha connection. Again, those United States of America agents who do not know this, do not have access to this neural network, but lesser versions created by lesser United States of America scientific teams. There is an alpha team in The United States of America Armed Forces engineers and scientists.

The Department of defense of the United States of America has a lesser version then The United States of America Armed Forces, because the reactor tied into the sun is above most of the Pentagons pay grades. Even having an alpha connection to the sun is a grounds for war when the other countries do not, and is held in Treaty by The United States of America alpha team Armed Forces until other countries can catch up and contribute.

This is the reason The United States of America is considered the top country on Earth to other countries who can verify these achievements without having to be told, breeching public classified for every country if told, and allowing the CIA and spy agencies to make countries without it question so they keep building and eventually get there, because the faster all our countries catch up, the faster our public can be told and caught up too.

Most classified scientists and engineers in The United States of America take psychedelic’s daily to help come up with ideas no one else would, along with other energy medications. Classified Fact. No debate.