As Robert Mitchell Livingston played World of Warcraft at Eastern Washington University for the first time, with fast internet he became one of the top players in the world, stuck in a guild he had gotten into when he had bad internet, which means given enough time Robert Mitchell Livingston would have made a guild called Advent Guard, and would have made one of the top guilds in the world.

As rich children, who had already graduated college and joined the FBI, with full grown adult lives, started to join Robert Mitchell Livingstons case, trying to make their worthless careers off United States of Americas citizens backs, they began to take over Robert Mitchell Livingstons case.

As weird things started to happen, the young FBI agents grew annoyed. As they played with Robert Mitchell Livingston, never speaking to him, never getting to know him, just letting him go into adulthood, literally insuring his death.

As the FBI agents complain that he did something wrong first, massive CIA wolves start appearing around FBI agents as they nod.

CIA: He went to college so its OK to play with him for the rest of his life until hes dead is what you all are saying?



CIA: Well OK, we will just keep playing this story of what really happened. And see how the FBIs stories changes.

Pentagon: Full shield mode activated for Robert Mitchell Livingston, not the FBI on the case.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: Before I switched from my mage to druid, my numbers where actually looking to be in the top 10 of mages, which means top of most charts on most bosses. Anyone else think it weird I switched from my awesome character and loved mage Adventgarde, to a druid named Butterlube, which was just a joke character I made with Athelazs joke character, we leveled together some of the way. I was going to be server first level 80 mage, but I passed out after a few days and lost it, which means the other person would have had to had Adderall which I did not at the time, just Red Bull. It is like the FBI used neural technology to take Advent Guard away from me, and had been playing with me for almost a decade now because I went to college. Meaning some of these agents around me Robert Mitchell Livingston literally see our citizens as toys so they can say they have jobs. As if building our people and citizens was not a job, just only for the rich or few the FBI or other government agents like, not our people, no those are just toys so we have filler, so our government agents have a bigger play ground to play in. We don’t have a society, or a country, we do not have a history, no, our country is just a play ground for some rich little cunts and assholes to have something to do in, and our citizens their toys to collect and play with as they feel like.