As the top engineers of the United States of America, leaders in innovative technology that kept the United States of America number one on the world stage, sat down at the fairy tale bar, as fairy tale bongs came out of the table, the top engineers took psychedelic’s, energy medication, and puffed on the marijuana as the front stage opened to a United States of America Fairy Tale to help them come up with thoughts no one else would to keep them top engineers.

Tonight on stage was the Head Generals daughter, to present a fairy tale about her new dragon to the top engineers and scientists of The United States of America.

Head General of The United States of America daughter: Decades ago in The United States of America, my mad uncle known as Benjamin Livingsun inserted himself, full particle structure, into one embryo under the name Robert Mitchell Livingston.

As she talked her dragon morphed into Robert Mitchell Livingston as a whee babe.

Head General of The United States of Americas daughter: As the lower level top scientists in charge of the Pentagon at the time, force puppet large portions of the populaces youth in different directions for research, huge wolves from the Armed Forces of The United States of America and the CIA rained down on Earth from across the Universe where they had gone, lost from their home planet.

The dragon morphed into Earth, with massive wolves raining down across the planet.

Head General of The United States of Americas daughter: As old Uncle Benjamin, pissed as usual, leaped inside of Robert Mitchell Livingston when they forced him to finger his own ass to see how he would turn out. Old uncle Benjamin, a Livingsun through and through, had something to say about this. As the years rolled by uncle Benjy built Robert Mitchell Livingstons personal Universe solar system, reaching from the core of Earth to outer space. As lead on the case, he took full control, saying all the while in his journal entries: AM I DOING THIS HELP OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CITIZENS CORRECTLY? Ohhhh old uncle Benjy, he was insane did I mention that. He couldn’t correct what the low level United States of America government employees did to Robert Mitchell Livingston, but oh did he sure go a whole other fucking route with it.

She dropped the mic, walking off the stage, as she set the stages system to play Robert Mitchell Livingstons room live, as the Top scientists and engineers watched, all of them wanting to tell him how wonderful a world this was going to be if they had anything to say about it.