As the lower level top scientists of the Pentagon went around the United States of America, altering the outcomes of lives for research, the true top Scientists of the United States of America descended from around the Galaxy, coming back home as the top scientists of the Pentagon broke laws that should not be broken.

Top United States of America Scientist: We have planets for research, I did not know our citizens where lab rats?

A top scientist said under the name of Benjamin Livingsun, brother to the Head General of The United States of America, and another head general in the United States of America.

As ol uncle Benjy called up the top scientist on the United States of Americas planet orchard that researched different poop types for civilizations and their developments through time, As the scientist appeared they watched the Pentagon agent that they had left in control of the Pentagon puppet not just Robert Mitchell Livingston but millions of United States of America citizens to change their lives outcomes to what they wanted instead.

Benjy: Did you know our citizens are lab rats.

Top scientist on theoretical research into Universes that poop differently, changing the entire structure of the civilizations and how they think: I did not know that, I thought that is why we had research. And research is not a game.

Benjy: I thought that too.

The Head General said as he called in a micro fleet to surround Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind as he was in the tub as a child, the mini fleet surrounding his head created different Universes for him that it helped play in his head. What he built, they helped build more, teaching him how to imagine like a top theoretical scientist of The United States of America.

As the top scientists finally returned from around the galaxy, not just in micro transmission ghost structures of smaller particles that can travel faster then the real person, so you project yourself ahead of yourself to talk to people on other planets, they started to take over more of the research, getting rid of huge swaths of researchers that did not even know what research was yet they had high paying jobs in The United States of America government to do it, which was a problem.

As FBI and Homeland Security started to notice Robert Mitchell Livingston, their computers auto predicting ahead of him about how important Advent Garde would turn into. Why after high school does someone so smart, but weird, have those problems? They do not. The armed forces could not use their neural technology to help Robert Mitchell Livingston until a certain point because of classified, our micro ship remaining stealthed, and working on tutoring him on how to imagine as if a top United States of America scientist.

As Homeland security started to notice the mass that was Advent Guard Universe, which had an entire fleet to protect it at this point because the top scientists had built Advent Guard Universe, attached to Robert Mitchell Livingstons mind so much above him in the network, that they could not detach, it was him. They had made something, it was just the lower levels of the government that play god around our country that really had a problem, because the top scientists of The United States of America could not reveal themselves because it reveals the Armed Forces technology.

Basically FBI, Homeland security, and other agencies are allowed to build networks across our country, but the Armed Forces fleets can travel amongst our country at a level above them, but you cannot stop Homeland security from seeing blurs, because stealth technology when both people have full Particle networks over the same thing, our country, means you cannot hide. So the Armed Forces of The United States of America had to remain silent, because the micro forces, while some of you may laugh at your own loss, are the most powerful weapon, defense, and system, The United States of America has.

As a micro dreadnaught all matter ship flew from the center of the Pentagons main low level particle rail gun to add velocity to objects to get them around the country so they do not have to use their own systems, it landed in the front lawn in front of Robert Mitchell Livingston. A castle like ship, that carried an entire fleet, once ejected, the ship shrank by folding in, becoming more dense. As it ejected an entire Armed Forces fleet from it, the Armed Forces began to take down FBI, Homeland Security, and other department of defense systems.

Micro nuclear rounds rang off, instant hit one shot kill rounds, no trace hat anything existed, munitions for the ghosts of The United States of America Armed Forces.

As their main cannon charged, aiming up at the department of defenses mother ship as they said:


As several head generals walked outside in front of the house, calmly looking at the mothership that cost the country billions to build.

Head General: Can we recycle it?

Head General: Yes.

Head General: Then. Yes it is attached to him, like a leach to Advent Guard Network.

Head General: Fire.

As the cannon went off, short range, multi cluster round atomic war heads designed to penetrate and detonate.

Head General: Oh did we sink your battle ship? You will just order another one paid for by the public of The United States of America, and just get all the new upgrades anyway, so its not much of a loss, the research of a new version would be so worthwhile, right? Uh huh yeah. Totally would. Just one problem, you people are now removed from control of your systems.

As Armed Forces ghosts swarmed into the main manufacturing of The Department of Defense, taking out their bases, the master chief in charge of the entire engagement walked up to head of the Department of defense in charge of classified research as he said to him:

Master Chief: Oh we aint good enough for you anymore? Department of Defense want to forget the Armed Forces and make its own particle network and defense system. Weird, what was the Armed Forces job again in this country? And compared to every agency and group in the United States of Americas government which group does not fail in its missions?

As the man in front of him remained silent, Master chief walked to the main consoles of their systems, leaching of The United States of Americas minds instead of building them.

Master Chief: Take him away.

He says as top scientists fill in to take down the micro fleets.

As Master Chief worked beside the other top scientists and engineers he said to them:

Master Chief: Do these young government poofs really want to see our big fleet? One micro dreadnaught can take down everyone of their space forces with how far behind their technology is. Yeah Lets go full war? Are they retarded. I have met people with mental retardation, and they are smarter then some of these young government agents and employees. Nah, Armed Forces sticking to micro building, then building our planet and universe outward together. No reason to have a bunch of real Death Stars just lying around.

As the micro all matter dreadnaught opened its top bays, it began to suck in the entire remnants of upper level particle from the Department of Defense ship.

As the fleet began to form a Universe around the dreadnaught, they began to build Advent Guard Universe, different versions of the cosmos and Universe all built together in a mass to calculate them all to better help scientists and engineers think, so they can reach farther in technology, even if its just a point that they reach, they can start to build solid ground from that point. A point of technology can widen, and is almost guaranteed too given enough time.

As the Head Generals released their micro fleets around all United States of Americas citizens minds just like Robert Mitchell Livingston had sense childhood. It helped build any imagination by bringing it further by giving the person someone to talk too, so the ball bounces back in the conversation instead of going stagnate for the rest of their life until they die.

As the Pentagon Rap Team went back at it, adding in the new hit line to Until I die: