As the OG comes on stage, a personal friend of Advent Guard Universe By Robert Mitchell Livingston. Because inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons personal Universe system was written his book Advent Guard.

As the scientist who own stars try to take over full control of Robert Mitchell Livingston, The OG of The United States of America, Head General, Head Admiral, a mind so powerful he can control the star itself with his ghost image of a star, overlapping it over Earths star first, the other armed forces still only able to make ghost structures over their star.

The OG: This is the part where Robert Mitchell Livingston gets to keep on telling his story in anyway. Because some of the low level top people tried to take full control. So we went full tutor mode, while they went full puppet god mode. Show casing who in the Pentagon is who, and who in the CIA is who, and who in the Armed Forces is who when it comes to neural technology. Meaning Robert Mitchell Livingston did more with updating all of those agencies uses of neural technology on United States of America citizens then any United states of America employee, or other did. Proving our citizens are now below The United States of America government. Unless you all want to say our citizens are below our government? Some people pay attention in school, which I am sure they will be happy to tell you other government agents what government this is, and what government The United States of America runs. Hey everyone, happy news, I took over the star. Unhappy news, the other countries have not figured out how to out calculate an entirely on star like the system Earth is in. So while you can be more powerful while your home in on a star that you can build on, one that is a raging ocean of energy is where our civilizations are heading towards. So the first to take over main control of a star without completely surrounding it with ships is the country that wins on Earth. The United States of America wants to go a version of the United Nations route, whatever that future version may be. So having a ghost structure that can overlap the star with satellite particles, so you can absorb the entire energy of the star and calculate with it, turning it into a living calculating object. But sense none of the other scientists or engineers understand the technology, The United States of America on good conscience can only build so much until the other countries catch up.

Pentagon: Initiating full Advent Guard Protocol, where all United States of America citizens have a version like Robert Mitchell Livingston has where the top scientists and engineers have helped them calculate, they just cant tell them what the combination of thinking calculated.

Pentagon to Robert Mitchell Livingston: The top engineer and scientists can instantly cycle their bodies of anything, making all of those things more effective then anything a public citizen can do, or even most government.

New Years: No more marijuana.