Imagine the star rotating at the start in mechanical gears inside of its own classified mountain facility in game of thrones. The star produces so much gravity that you can either float around it in the main room where the giant natural magnets are rotated around it on gear platforms to produce more energy from the star, or you can live on the suns gravity field on the outer circle where there are homes. Water and earth are dropped from the top in rivers that rotate around the gravity field creating liquid and ground rivers that flow around the main living area for the society, then workers pick up amounts of dirt and water and carry it back up to the top to complete the cycle and keep the star going. This powers other machinery, but its main purpose is to pull in mass quantities of air through the hole at the top and bottom into the star, which is then pull out by Archimedes from every side to get more hot air from below and more oxygenated air from above for fuel. Sense this was so long ago in classified they could only watch the star and guess how much of each air it needed redirecting workers accordingly.