Direct current may travel longer without distortion, but it is that distortion that gives democracy life, and turns it from what it is currently into The United States of America democracy we all know it can be. Notice how our Washington State governor can do is AC , someone would argue is real that is democracy, while the democracy that Washington DC can do is not considered democracy these days but a dictatorship with a democracy façade dating back to slave trading roots. Notice how that when our governor says something it is distorted by every other governor in the area by varying degrees before it reaches presidential level and national if it even does, while the presidents voice is not distorted at all other then at the Washington DC level before that voice is heard around the country and sometimes world. Shouldn’t our president be the leader of the governors, just like a head general is leader of every general leading our bases in order to prevent and counter a coordinated national assault on our home land? We need a leader to lead the greatest nation, not just call it a greatest nation, its like looking at a brand state of the art/logic house and going: Dammmmmmmmmmm yall know we built one fine ass country, anyone know how to lead it?
Washington AC has swimmers that can keep going, A through Z . Washington DC can go from A to B. Basically Washington state learned how to step, Washington DC learned how to take a step. Its like a pre-school where two kids started out at the same time, State learned to run, DC learned how to take one step. * Titan theory applies here later on. Titan or Washington DC will command all the states, so it has to learn to walk while the states learn to run, otherwise the titan gets to far ahead with even a step. *