As the head General of the USA Armies physics team floats down onto Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle, in which, just like every citizen, is saved an upgraded soldier body, that constantly does research incase of advanced war at any moment, he looks around at the reality calculators implanted into his particle. On them, signed was the name of the classified head general of the United States of Americas Army. As the head particle physicist of the USA Army looks around the idea boards every scientist and engineer in the country had completely overlooked in their search of using every persons particle body as a calculator to figure out a solution to save the USA, he notices over and over again the initials of the head General of the USA Armed forces on all of Robert Mitchell Livingstons calculators saved in his particle.

Around the age of 16, the head physicist activates an alarm within Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle body, inside of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle are saved the exact, with very little alteration, idea calculators and ideas he created on his walls and laptop.

As top scientists flood down into his particle, the idea of Advent Guard, scrolled everywhere inside of Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle calculators, spread across the classified USA government.

As the idea spread, the calculators implanted in every citizen of every country started to be activated at full power, even though they were meant for war, it was as if the citizens of Earth got turned on after being dark for so long.

As the Head ARMY physicist watches as other scientists and engineers land next to him on the main Robert Mitchell Livingston planet, a point at the center of the brain, where the USA government put their main command particle planet that stayed in direct stasis at the center attached to the USAs main reactor, on a single reality calculator in Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle he had calculated the versions of Advent Guard he had on his walls and in his laptop, signed underneath was the real classified head generals name of the USA armed forces name with an A with fives pluses around it.

As the head general attracts all the top particle bodies on planet Earth to Robert Mitchell Livingstons body for no reason at all.

Advent Guard Note: The top scientists used mass quantities and making mistakes to find what the true alpha particle and body configurations where, so they replicated their own bodies at every level over and over testing out all configurations. However if a particle configuration is better, more dynamo strength, or has a random mutation that has an output far greater, this is called a laughing man or women particle or upgrade, where the automated research system all bodies have accidently makes a break through that is alpha or omega, but there is not enough information to know it. Example,: A top scientist in the USA has a miniature replicator in his or her body make the greatest possible person configuration or particle configuration possible, however they do not know it because they do not have the information to know it, however the top scientists of the USA government realize it because it pops up on their scanners, an automated system will find the technology, or alpha/omega particle to study it. This theory was proven correct so many times, that the top armed forces scientists needed to figure out if a laughing man or women got ahead of their top government single point scientist, also known as the head general of USA, the most classified person in the USA government. If they could attract enough alpha/omega particles, like a 4 leaf clover, some particles are different, the top scientists inside Robert Mitchell Livingstons particle could use them to make that single point body. If the United States of Americas single point body stays number 1, then it sucks in particle as alpha or omega, meaning all rotate around it, regardless of what the real rotation is, the head general has the lowest particle suction point, meaning it sucks in the lowest particle on Earth, meaning it is alpha dynamo. There is a real number 1 on planet Earth, the person all people rotate around, we just do not rotate around them like planets, it just pulls in the lowest particle, meaning it pulls in every level of particle that much faster and with that much more power then all other dynamos or biological dynamos to stay number 1. So dependent on what particle level of physics your scientific team was on, those teams would see different people as number 1 on Earth. So technically planet Earth would have to get used to having one person be alpha or omega dynamo, sense if each country had their own we would not have a magnetic field on planet Earth but would have to sectionalize it completely, so one countries dynamo would pull in enough energy to be alpha or omega over the other countries on Earth. I wonder who and what country won that race on Earth? We would either need to split all countries and make Earth still magnetically functional, or get used to those people that pull in so much energy they pull in other countries, the first of which would have been spies and generals.

ARMY: No matter how hard all these government people around Robert Mitchell Livingston try to steal his entire life from him, it just makes this hurt more in the end for those government agents that played with Robert Mitchell Livingston for over a decade like a toy because he went to college, and now these government agents are terrified around him because they got caught covering it all up not only once, but time after time, as if Robert Mitchell Livingstons life was just a toy for them to play around with so they could so they had a job.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: What country are these government people around me from and those government people on my case, because it sure as fuck is not The United States of Americas government.