Using solar system and Universe theory to describe the leader of a group of people, they add and lead the use of energy in a team such as that of a star or sun in a solar system or Universe.

Central Energy General of the USA Armed Forces: Robert Mitchell Livingston is a theoretical scientists for the United States of America armed forces, he is not being taught, he teaches himself, you all just make up any excuse to steal his ideas and hand them to rich people all of you government people like. Robert Mitchell Livingston teaches all of you, not the other way around, he is going at his own pace, all of you government are just so used to make up any excuse to steal our peoples lives when you all want their ideas, that all of you government people actually believe the lies all of you tell the lower level government people. The general of energy for the USA armed forces professional opinion is that he should be on Adderall and Indica, to increase his theoretical output for the USA government, and a salary starting at 100k.
My people tag: Robert Mitchell Livingston, Country: United States of America, Solar System: X Galaxy: X.