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Robert Mitchell Living Galaxy Sun. Robert Mitchell Living Galaxy Star. Robert Mitchell Livingsun. Robert Mitchell Livingstar. Robert Mitchell Livingalaxysun. Robert Mitchell Livinggalaxystar.
Starting with bird chirps that hit every time i thought from the second i woke up, giving my brain only a few seconds to think before being interrupted each time, then placed obvious government agents at starbucks, encouraging me to freak out and speak more as I notice them specifically do things to use against me, then terrorized me with psychotic bird chirping until I again was encouraged to speak, and finally calmed down again after i stopped thinking, only chirp when i start thinking again, literally making sure my brain does not function correctly, encouraging mistakes, accidents, or death or bodily harm in different ways to me Robert Mitchell Livingston. That level of technology and people would cost our country millions, to do nothing but murder me and try to make me look like the criminal, they also replaced my coffee with decaf, encouraging me to get nothing done, not sit and write, and filling me Robert Mitchell Livingston with terror when i realized in an organized capacity these people play with my entire life until I scream angry things then blame me for it. They terrorize me until I speak, then stop, encouraging and re-enforcing that habit because my brain feels good once they stop, puppet godding me to scream angry things while they all just go silent and pretend they are loving care people when they are organized extremely violent, highly trained, armed and dangerous because most carry weapons, terrorists, making these government agents around me are organized, pre-meditated terrorists while having United States of America federal jobs and actively doing that on United States of America soil.
The doctors on my case are un-qualified to treat people with mental issues, that is abundantly and obviously clear. Poor people are not even alive, or considered people, so they get a completely different type of medication, and medical treatment, destroying and obliterating potentially fruitful lives that could have been and pumped that much more money and work into our economy, so doctors can say they have a job, slowing down our entire lower class and speeding up the entire upper class, as if if our citizens are just stepping stones for rich to reach higher off of our corpses.