The Advent Guard test by Robert Mitchell Livingston and the alpha teams of the United States of America armed forces, Pentagon, CIA, Homeland security, and FBI: See who in law-enforcement at any level even understands what crime or terrorism is, when it is their job to understand it, by seeing who they go after and what they do once entering the case to see how well the agents understand what crime or terrorism is. Advent Guard Test Hint: Each plane ticket and the first few days of housing for each government agent is enough money to put me Robert Mitchell Livingston through my last semester or quarter of college if any of those government agents even tried to help me so I can be happy and finally have a real life. Every government agent is on the medication I Robert Mitchell Livingston should be on, while when I go get medical treatment all I get is lobotomized and played with by government agents that could care less about even getting to know me making me not want to talk to anyone anymore because of what these government people have done to me my entire adult life, but because I keep coming up with some theoretical and scientific ideas, these government agents are so stupid that they don’t realize I would be doing 1000 times more on Adderall and marijuana, even just real Indica without Adderall, or just Adderall which I would prefer, my theoretical and scientific output is massively greater, the stupid agents are just seeing what I do and thinking it a lot because they don’t even understand what I write/say/or draw, when I have slowed down massively in theoretical and scientific output sense they switched my marijuana to CBD or something else to cover up that Indica increases theoretical output and writing so their scientists and engineers could get ahead of me, meaning those scientists and engineers are not qualified to hold scientific or engineering jobs for the United States of Americas Federal Government proven by the overwhelming evidence that their teams had to handicap and slow me Robert Mitchell Livingston down to get ahead and stay ahead of me in scientific and engineering theories.