America is reality 0, our governments are the ground we stand upon 1. The governments of America are not on the women who played with Robert Mitchell Livingston’s side, the governments of the Americas are on Robert Mitchell Livingston’s side, our diplomats can lie to lower levels United States of America government agents on federal cases so they think our countries are on their sides. The countries of the Americas are not for raping, starving, execution through insanity, getting rid of a persons good habits and re-enforcing bad habits to make citizens look like something they are not, trying to throw people in prison or psych wards to silence their writing, making people look violent through intelligence tactics when they are not hoping they do something, playing with and then leaving our peoples lives in ruin but taking them on a vacation like a dog to take fancy photos in Europe to disguise that Robert Mitchell Livingston had no life just fancy photos paid for by the government agents taking him around places like a dog on a leash, the countries of the Americas are not for presidents who use their power to kill their own citizens they do not like, the countries of the Americas are not for rich people owning our citizens like slaves to be used as any type of cattle even energy cattle.
Ancient all matter person piston powered electron city.