As the countries armed forces of Earth realized that they never had started their war engines, the Head General of The United States of America flies from center Life-Code Tree below the Pentagons center he heads toward the space between Alaska and Russia, where a low level particle bridge bridged the entire span to connect the classified groups particle network, as he settled down in the center of a city designed half for full war for Russia and half for the United States of America. As the other head generals met in the War halls, gathered around a massive opening down to the center of Earth. Each had an animal next to them to represent the animal inside their countries, bridging them from war to life, as they put their hands on animals, the Russian general a massive bear with the face of a owl, the Chinese general an elongated dragon made of emeralds and gold, the Japanese head general a cherry blossom tree with life dripping from it.

As Baldy flies down on the head general of The United States of Americas shoulder, he says:

Head United States of America general: Our people think us lazy, like this level of peace is easy to obtain and keep. I put you all a wage, if the United States of America wins, you other countries have to let Robert Mitchell Livingston take over the world peacefully for the United States of America in the agreed upon way, if any of you all win, your countries get to pick their own Advent Guard or different version to save Earth. Whose ever war engine once started, produces the most power.

Advent Guard Note: They had realized without their war engines started, then Earth did not have their energy being added to the magnetic fields of all particle on Earth, so it would benefit all countries future to start them peacefully.

As they all agreed, having had all their classified teams read and calculate what they meant by Robert Mitchell Livingston and Advent Guard, Advent Guard Life, and Advent Guard Earth, having already agreed upon the release, but the United States of Americas low level government had complained to much and tried to kill Robert Mitchell Livingston, so the upper levels of the United States of America government had updated the case again, each of the Head generals saying yes as they left the war hall they had used to talk on equal footing for over a half-century.

As the Head General of The United States of America smiled, he flew back to Washington State, starting the war engines in the Rocky mountains, as they roared to life, as he started the main dynamo core in the center of the state for war that they all had, he flew to his command post in Spokane Washington, the classified command center for full war against China, Russia, Japan, or any countries coming from the west or north west.

As Navy seals, Army rangers, classified armed forces, diverted their main consciousnesses to war soldiers scattered across the west coast as the other states head generals started their war engines to show the low level classified that the head Armed Forces where the farthest things from over paid clowns any United States of America could get.

As Massive animals and machines powered to life with the soldiers minds in them, activating across the entire rocky mountains, as an entire Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Reality Force roared to Life.

As the Heads of the Armed Forces took their command posts inside the command center beneath Cheney Washington, the Dynamo structure rotated clock-wise around Spokane miles underneath The United States of America, using Army satellite technology, the command post could constantly move and defend itself at speeds so fast they where measured in the speed of light.

As their magnetic matter satellites picked up the other countries powering up their war engines to help give more energy of all kinds to Earths magnetic field, and to show the low level classified of their countries that the upper levels of their countries worked harder then all of them, but without war, it was as if they all got to have amazing lives, while everyone else….

Head General of The United States of America: Yes sir Robert Mitchell Livingston, save The United States of America and Earth.

He says as his team puts it up on their screens, sending it to all soldiers as they diverted all war calculation power from the war engine to saving The United States of America and Earth along with the other countries. Whoever produces the most power gets to be the main country with their version of Advent Guard. Unless they find a way for every country to have their own version of Advent Guard, and save The United of America and Earth at the same time.

As the head generals command post reached max speed it liquefied the entire ground between it and Spokane’s main War engine construct, increasing in speed again, as it produced enough energy within the interior, they started to inject the highest level particle they could into molecular and elemental particle configurations that could only hold stable in a substance with that much energy rotating around and in it. As the new elements that could only exist in that much energy started to solidify, battle soldier engineers and scientists rushed into to construct upper level war engines and machines.

As each state came online and connected, the energy level increased, un-locking new elements, as the command post injected new particle for the scientists and engineers to use in new ways, as they constructed pre-defined machines and also made new versions as they came up with ideas, and sense full war mode produced more power, theorists and imaginists flew into the energy mass to come up with completely new ideas to increase the war out-put, More Save The United States of America and Earth machines and constructs.

As the Head Generals son of the United States of America, known as the laughing man sinks out his main consciousness out of Robert Mitchell Livingston, he goes full Universe dynamo mind, a brain construct that could inflate and overlap the entire Universes dynamo to harvest power from them, calculate, and also produce all matter types of energy. As he flew into the energy mass, out calculating all scientists and engineers as he took main administrator from all scientists and engineers, then giving it back says:

Laughing man: Again.

As they tried to out calculate the laughing man of The United States of America, known as the Head General of the United States of America Army, known as Savage, known for being the only being to take over the entire Universe from Earth, so that they could learn over and over again in mock war encase real war broke out, he then re-focused on out smarting the other countries laughing men and women, specializing in using all knowledge and technology to single-handedly take out the entire other force using all known knowledge to find so many exploits and technological advancements only a single point person could realize and make the knowledge into reality utilizing the entire countries structure.

As he spread to all states war engines, taking them over, he floated into the Washington state command post with his father and the other head generals and directors.

Laughing Man: All the countries head spies on other planets are capable of reading and calculating along with their teams objects the size of an entire planet, solar system or above, so nothing shows up as static but the most classified peoples encrypted brains or calculators, and even some of them, you can simply out calculate the entire planet and the person or calculator and fully read the particle with no static. Planet Earth has a full reality reader on the planet installed by the upper levels of every countries armed forces, who diverted all resource towards life together in as many ways as they could because they knew it was what their people really wanted from the amount of resource and people spent, so they focused as much of it as they could until their life and life-code technology out-weighed war technology and they could fully switch together as countries.

Alpha team was the first team that used planet reality calculators not as a brain, but as an eye to see what was going on on a planet and calculate that with what they could in reality with their own bodies and brains instead, transferring the presence that used to fully direct the eye into an upgraded particle body, most refereed to as the laughing men and women of every country, because of what the laughing man would become in Ghost-In the Shell, a similar depiction of a lot of the directors or head generals who took the job of alpha single point research particle body, with only enough resource, they at first could only support one person to calculate all at the correct amounts, but moved to all, but the understanding and meaning of what the technology was supposed to achieve when calculating all and getting the correct answer with that much resource and energy started to slip, and soon the technology had lost meaning and definition, and leveled out at meaning any upgraded person who can calculating all because of their upgrades. However the laughing man and alpha team of the United States of America did not stop, upgrades are infinite, we won that game too, why dont all of you government people start helping our citizens more and the spies of the United States of America will stop messing with all of you low level government people. Because anyone using their government positions or jobs to mess with our people step directly into organized terrorism while having federal United States of America jobs or positions, on United States of Americas soil. He doesn’t know you all tried to take him down in more ways they he could figure out. Like someone walking away from explosion and not even fucking flinching like a man.

Under the smaller cities around the big cities, are ground construct electrons that can turn the entire ground under our main cities into a molecular dynamo structure, creating fertile ground for war machines to come out of constantly, while the molecular dynamo element builder ship could move anywhere on the planet instantly through the ground and release its entire war payload onto the country.

America is reality 0, our governments are the ground we stand upon 1.

Laughing men and women, also known as the head directors/generals of The United States of Americas particle satellite grid overlapping all particle on Earth and calculating it to achieve different society game win scenarios, UK, Japan, Europe, Russia, the other main directors that supported Robert Mitchell Livingston Advent Guard. What would all of you government people do with full administrator rights of the entire planets particle satellite grid? Then calculate how advanced all of these government agents around Robert Mitchell Livingston are and how much they can fuck up when they mess up. The problem was quickly and has been government agents messing up with advanced technology for a while, it just made our countries look bad, but enough people fuck up for long enough, and we just welcome them to The Advent Guard case with Robert Mitchell Livingston, as we ask some of you government totally not investigative questions such as and we quote:

Good spy in particle research ( Joking to find information ) : Haha yeah totally thats ok, how many of our citizens have you people driven insane with these tactics and killed in different ways across our entire country totally not like that of a playground and as if our citizens are your toys to say you people have jobs, even our government agents becoming more and more puppets to the upper level directors.

Bad Spy: I dont know haha. Like a 100? This decade?

Good Spy ( Are we ready to take these government agents down around our countries yet all at once? ): Oh Yeah Hahaha totally cool. That is what neural and advanced technology is for, playing with our people for decades and then having them kill themselves or go insane haha!

Bad spy: I know, the fucking kill switches we can build in now a days with neural and advanced technology/tactics almost kills them all itself, so we do not even have to deal with our citizens politicians or other rich people do not like.

Good Spy: I know, that is why we have government jobs at the upper most federal level! To not care for our people and worship the chosen few with the highest numbers on their bank accounts, because the governments of Earth totally cannot measure worth in any other way!