Those doctors trying, are using a false facade and looking for an excuse to murder Robert Mitchell Livingston in front of law-enforcement, knowing that you cannot medicate a neural connection away but telling them something else so they can keep on trying, so giving a person anti-psychotics or other similar medications, would just fuck up their brain over and over again until the person was completely fucked up, because they shut down the entire imagination portion of the brain which they know is the largest portion of who Robert Mitchell Livingston is, literally counting as an effective lobotomization where the person is still functional to do manual labor but their cognitive capabilities would sky rocket downward compared to what they would be on a medication such as adderall or better, also counting as pre-meditated murder where you leave the person alive, just mentally gone and incapable of doing what their brain was capable of before hand, effectively murdering who the person is. Making those doctors, psychologists, and therapists, organized terrorists within the United States of Americas government, because they would have known that before they did it, meaning they meant to, in an organized, pre-meditated manner, while holding government positions.

Yes or no****. New counter terrorism exam for United States of America government agents. True they can, or false they cannot. It also doubles as a way to see how people read and answer questions, if they answered it automatically true or false, then their brain works as if it automatically calculates solutions to talk to other people and also gives evidence that their brain automatically calculates farther ahead then the other group so it reaches a different answer that is still correct when thought about; That is true, yes they can, or That is false, no they cannot. If they answer Yes or No, then those peoples brain work as if they only talk to themselves in their own heads, they also focus on the immediate answer instead of the entirety of the question, solution, and answer, and they are not capable of calculating as far as the other group whose brains figured out the full conversation and went with true or false instead of trying to change it to yes or no.
Some of the government people listening and watching in jobs depend on this exam.
DARPA: Check. Our citizens are slaves, the upper levels of the Armed Forces, Pentagon, FBI, CIA, and Homeland security totally like wouldn’t care at all about our citizens beings slaves and totally like would not do something about it.