The Head General of the United States of America screams Havoc

As The Head General of The United States of America screams havoc in the Pentagon.

I was going to write, but the United States of America burnt another $200 like money isn’t real to play with me like a puppet doll and make my life worst, and when i want to kill myself they lobotomize me for it making me want to die even more, and then they wont even give me medical treatment or real medications that could help get my life back on track because some doctor has opinion because they illegally listen into me and think they know me, they just play with me like a doll and do not even care who I am just who they say I am. It is like our citizens are not even real people to our government employees, just goldfish, when you kill one you just get another.

In the United States of America they treat mental patients by forcing medication after medication down their throat or injecting it into them until the patient shuts up and agrees with what the doctors says, ignoring completely what the patient has to say or what gives them way of life or sustainability to accomplish their goals. United States of America mental doctors will play with you for years, and when your so fucked up with no friends or family thanks to the doctors, the doctors will completely ignore your plese for help and the correct medication to get your life back on track and the energy to accomplish the things you need to because of what the doctors did to your brain over years completely destroying your life and then in their words “We have to only give him lobotomy medicine now, look at how fucked up we made him, so lets destroy the rest of his life and make him scream dying in terror with no friends or family until he kills himself homeless and alone, its the proper thing to do sense those are the medications in the diagnosis list, it is not like we could do anything else.”

I could have written a cool story about a Pentagon agent that uses dynamo planets around their personal Universe to cause havoc in war, but in life he uses it for raves and communication, but no, slaves do not get red-bull or even headphones they can listen to music with in the United States of America so they can zone out and focus or rich people get that, slaves just get to scream in terror until they die with no friends, as these people go back to their mansions walking over my corpse. How are these people in charge of other peoples lives? I do not understand, they do not care about human life, happiness, if you can achieve your goals, grow and become something, they just want you to shut up, go slave, and breed more slaves for them to use like goldfish or puppies in a puppy mill.

I could have written a wonderful story about Havoc, the Pentagon raver DJ that uses his personal Universe to throw the coolest raves for classified Pentagon people so they can be happy, relax, have fun together, create happy memories together, and bond. But no. Slaves do not get to be happy in The United States of America, only the rich people do. The poor citizens are just goldfish in The United States of America.