Advent Guard Life: the Big Bang orbits around a Universe/Cosmos solar system and white/black boards can be grouped together to form Idea calculators/ Reality Calculators on your walls, your entire room, house, or any building.
This is wrong, do not know why I wrote this. Because adding energy or more particle to a particle mass causes it to constrict naturally similar to adding more planets to a solar system would cause the stars magnetic power to increase pulling in everything closer, same with molecules or atoms. Unless you think of it as Life is not random matter or balls of particle, but actual Life that can do something, so the more Life you add to a solar system would cause the solar system to grow, while adding more particle balls to a solar system would just increase the stars magnetic power causing it to pull the particle balls into the star, causing it to burn brighter for a short while and then to shrink. While a solar system with Life will find ways to use the energy and grow. So basically, Life has purpose and uses energy to grow/build the reality around it, while particle balls like planets or atoms just mindlessly consume and use energy to expand the reality around it without purpose. Life figures out a new solution to grow, Nature or particle balls just consume and grow. In the 21st century we have switched from Nature that hunts and consumes with only basic instincts, to Life that finds solutions and defines meaning to everything around us and then grows those meanings into more with advanced instincts that turn into Life which are not instincts but thought.