1466 Advent Guard Earth


Every celestial object has a main connection, the point from which it main rotates, like two people holding hands and rotating around each other. But most stars, will also connect to other stars not only the star at the center of the galaxy. So its like two people holding hands and rotating around each other, but the person you are holding hands with has their hands attached to every other star in the galaxy, while our star is only holding hands with the stars around us, while main rotating around our galaxy star.

The planets and Gas Giants in our solar system main rotate around our star but with Space X theory, the connections our planets and Gas Giants have to other stars in other solar systems weaves its way through in an X through our star. This is because it would be different then the main flow of our star otherwise the electrons would just follow the path of the main flow instead of their own path, and because the path of electrons would be smaller and with less energy then the main flow it would not be able to find a path naturally through that hole, but instead it would find a natural path through another hole in the stars dynamo. As the Suns dynamo rotates, it would create holes in itself that could pull in paths of energy through itself, weaving in outside paths through the dynamo. So the dynamo of the sun would look like a giant ball filled with needle paths running through it with string following behind, the needle being the combination of dynamo with the path creating a hole that would not normally be there and electrons would not be able to flow through.

Space X theory would go along very well with a theory about how electron paths form in celestial objects, there would be the main flow, then other flows powering the dynamo. Like the dynamo is a windmill with a river running through it, the more powerful the windmill, the more rivers start getting pulled into it from other directions, as more rivers get pulled in, the main river starts to pull in more.

Advent Guard Note: As more rivers get pulled in, it gives feedback to the main river flow getting pulled through the dynamo, giving it more grip, so the side rivers do not necessarily need to add equal or greater push through the system, but feedback like a gear system having more grab. The more side rivers running through compress the dynamos flows, giving it more grab on all flows, increasing the strength of the dynamo. A dynamo with a few flows is like a man grabbing a river of quicksand because their is not enough compression to grab the electron flows, while a dynamo with a lot of rivers compressing is like a man grabbing onto a rope and pulling. The man who can grab a rope and pull is like a car or truck on a road, while the man who can only grab quicksand and pull is like a car or truck on a road of ice, it cannot get grip so it does not matter how powerful the engine is, it is like as if the engine has no power at all.

So in theoretical dynamo building, you would want to compress the dynamos flows enough so that the dynamo can actually have grab and pull the flows through. Otherwise its like a gear system spinning without grab, no matter how fast it spins, each spin will barely add anything to the system if it does not have grab, so you have to have enough flows into the dynamo to compress the dynamo enough to grab onto the main flow so energy is transferred from the flow into the dynamo. So you can use the secondary flows to compress the dynamo enough to grab onto the main flow which provides the main conduit of energy into the dynamo, while the secondary flows add compression so the dynamo can grab onto the flows and transfer energy.


Robert Mitchell Livingston: I figured out how dynamos work while a USA government agent tried to kill me and stop me from thinking straight! Go me!