Space X theory, has nothing to do with the very small business named Space X currently, see how there are X flows through space and stars, this is referred to as Space X theory, because any flow that goes through a star, planet,Gas Giant, or celestial object will have a point of which it goes in and a point of which it comes out, this forms an X in all stars in existence. This is also why the very small business named Space X cannot own the theories name, because every star, planet, gas giant, and celestial object in existence is effected by Space X theory.

Space X theory can also explain the stability of solar systems, because the main flow from the North to South of the star keeps it connected to the center of the galaxy and other stars nearby, but the celestial objects around the star forming Space X theory keep the star and solar system stabilized.

Robert Mitchell Livingston: This should be the reverse flow of the electrons from the sun running through the celestial objects, the electron flow keeps the celestial objects attached to the star in the center, and the smaller flow which flows through in the reverse of the electron flow weaves its ways through the stars center forming Space X theory. Because it is lower level particle flow, or with higher energy, it can flow through in a cross section not aligned with the main poles, this would have a direct correlation to the stars dynamo effects.


Advent Guard Note: Need to think about this more, still cannot prove lower level particle flow, kind of like you cannot prove low level citizens exist if your government wipes them our before they make a noise, and then cover up their body. This is called government level assassination, when government groups collectively murder a USA citizen, and then cover it up. At this point, this case is concerning the assassination attempt from numerous USA government agents on the life of Robert Mitchell Livingston.