Never knowing when the people you don’t even know exist will shut off your body again, causing constant life long mental trauma that carriers with you, causing life long paranoia, life long mental illness, never knowing when and if you will loose control of your own body.

Puppet god Life-Long mental Trauma, no cure once it is given to a person, they will question it for the rest of their life once it is used secretly on a person who screams for help and can never figure out who did it to them or when it will occur again in their life, causing life long mental trauma that cannot be cured without the people who did it to them apologizing and telling them to their faces they will never do it to them again and that their body is theirs.

This is not a test or challenge to your doctors to use our people as human lab rats to purposefully cause it to United States of America citizens so they can play with them and try to cure it. Any use of it or causing it to United States of America citizens will be met with the full force of the armed forces in defense of that citizen or citizens, regardless of rank or position of the person puppet godding and causing life long irreversible puppet god mental trauma to a United States of America citizen.